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What Is the CCNA? An Entry-Level Networking Certification

That being said, if you’re looking for an entry-level certification that offers a good foundation of networking knowledge, then Network+ is also an excellent choice. However, one of the disadvantages of obtaining Network+ certification is that it may not be as widely recognized as CCNA. This certification is ideal for individuals who are just starting in the net+ certification networking field and want to gain a basic understanding of networking concepts. While it may not offer as much salary potential as CCNA, it can still be a valuable certification to have on your resume, especially if you are looking to start your career in the networking industry. It ultimately depends on your career objectives and the roles you’re seeking.

CompTIA Network+ prepares candidates to work with any tool or product, regardless of vendor, which makes an individual’s computer networking capabilities limitless. On the other hand, if you are just starting out in networking or are just looking to gain a strong foundation in networking, the Network+ certification may be a better option for you. This is especially the case if you are interested in pursuing another career in IT, such as cyber security, where a broader but shallower understanding may serve you better. CCNA, however, delves further into the subjects and is more technical in its practical aspects.

Foundational IT Certifications Everyone Should Start With

To make good on the investment, it is advised that you study thoroughly before taking the exam to reduce the likelihood of failing and needing to purchase a new voucher. There are packages of study materials designed to help you pass exams for credentials like CompTIA Network+. Take this additional expense into account if you decide to pursue the Network+ exam. The exact number of questions on the Cisco CCNA can vary but is typically around 100 questions. You will have 120 minutes to complete the exam and must answer approximately 80% of the answers correctly to pass. Upon completion of the CCNA, you can link the digital certification logo to your social media profiles, making it easy to display your achievement to potential employers!

Is CCNA better than Network+?

Aspiring professionals often wonder which certification is easier to obtain. In this article, we will compare Network+ and CCNA, exploring their differences, difficulty levels, and the benefits they offer. By the end, you will clearly understand whether Network+ is easier than Cisco CCNA.

What Is CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification?

However, the CCNA certification is a newer exam and asks questions in formats unfamiliar to some test-takers, while Network+ uses a more traditional approach in the question design and evaluation. Also, CCNA focuses solely on technical skills, while Network+ also includes business skills. Business skills may benefit certain employers, so show your business skills in other ways if you opt for the tech-only CCNA exam. Because CompTIA Network+ is vendor-neutral and the new CCNA is vendor-specific, CompTIA Network+ is often the better choice. CompTIA Linux+ covers concepts including system configuration, the command line interface, scripting basics, network settings and services and system security. An IT pro with CompTIA Linux+ knows how to configure, boot and troubleshoot system network settings and services.

Is CCNA better than Network+?

To ensure your success in this course, you should possess basic Windows® and Linux® user skills and a fundamental understanding of computer and networking concepts. This is the first certification IT professionals specializing in network administration and support should earn. Network+ is aimed at IT professionals with job roles such as network administrator, network technician, network installer, help desk technician, and IT cable installer. This CompTIA certification is also a stepping stone towards more advanced certifications. Professionals with expertise across the information technology (IT) spectrum are in high demand. If you’re particularly interested in working with advanced technology and solving mission-critical problems, IT networking is an excellent option.

How CompTIA Can Help You Become a Certified Network Specialist

Remember that CompTIA doesn’t just want you to learn about cyber security concepts; it wants you to get used to applying them in real life. You will, for instance, need to demonstrate your ability to use Cisco IOS commands for configuring this vendor’s components in a simulated environment. Likewise, for questions linked to the configuration of Cisco’s own management automation tools and software modules, you’ll need to have an understanding of basic scripting languages. Online courses are a highly effective way of gaining the background knowledge you need in preparation for the test. We’re talking here about whether one exam is fundamentally “better” than another. We’ll come onto questions such as difficulty levels, costs, and job opportunities a little later in this guide.

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